Haunt The House

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Haunt The House is set in a huge house where many people visit. You turn into a ghost in this house and you need to kick them out of the house in any way!

Today, there are many video games inspired by interesting topics in life. You can find sports games, shooting games, or quizzes online. Today, I am here to introduce to everyone a game with a unique theme. It is called the Haunt The House game. I think it will be very hard to find a ghost scare game with unique graphics like this game. Now, let's discover what makes this game very attractive.

Haunt the people in the house

In the forest, there is a very large house. It was built a long time ago and a number of people have come here to visit. However, this is the residence of a small ghost. It needs your help to make the sightseers run away. However, in the form of a ghost, no one could see it. Therefore, it entered the objects to scare the people in the house.

Merge into the objects in Haunt The House

Midnight is when you take action. At this time, the ghost will exert its power. Do actions that scare people. You can see that each room has different objects such as bookshelves, chairs, fireplaces, tables, etc. Your ghost can possess these items to initiate spooky actions. However, not all objects can be possessed. At first, you can only perform some small actions with objects. When you get rid of some people in the castle, you can improve your spooky actions. Of course, improved action will produce more efficient results.

Don't panic people so much

Although you need to get the people out of the house, panicking them too much isn't encouraged. As you know, when people are too scared, they will do something stupid. For example, they don't know how to run out and just scream in that room. Then, you can't complete the mission. However, if you don't scare them enough to get them to run out, your mission will also take a long time to finish. Therefore, you should know what you need to do next.

Tips and tricks to kick people out of the house quickly

Possessing objects is the main way to haunt people. However, do you know what you need to do to be able to scare people quickly? Now I will reveal to you a few things here.

  • You should enter objects that are easily seen by humans. Simply put, enter the objects in front of your target. At that time, they will directly see ghosts and become afraid. From there, it may take you less time to complete the task.
  • Different objects will have different spooky actions. With my gaming experience, I think you can enter large objects to attract more attention. However, owning small objects also brings good effects.
  • The people in the house will easily stabilize their mood if you just make them tremble with fear for a while. Therefore, you should identify the target and follow the target to haunt them until they scream and run out of the house.

Some spooky actions of Haunt The House

As I mentioned, each object has a unique spooky action. Now, I will guide you through some outstanding actions here. Of course, these actions also change when some people are out of the house.

  • If you possess the giant bear statue, you can turn it into a white bear. This bear can move its hands and scare people.
  • For the tall tree, there are no special actions at the beginning. However, when your atmosphere levels up, a big monster will appear behind these trees.
  • The fireplace is also an ideal object to scare people. In the beginning, you can only move the iron bars of the fireplace. You can then turn off the fire or spawn the monster in the fireplace.
  • The bookshelf can also be possessed because you can move the books on the shelf. From there, create terrifying phenomena.
  • The car in this game can move and has a ghost if you possess it. Therefore, this is a recommended object in this fun game.

Discover Haunt The House game

Many players just want to know the game rules or gameplay. However, there are some people who want to know more about this game. I also mention the rules of the game above, so I will talk more about some related information here.

Haunt The House online

This game is created with HTML5 technology, so playing online is possible. You don't need to spend much time installing this game. You just need a smart device or PC to play this game. Of course, your devices must be connected to the Internet to play Haunt The House online.

Haunt The House unblocked

There are a lot of fun games out there, but not all of them are playable at school. Don't worry! Haunt The House unblocked can be accessed at the school. Although this is a game to scare ghosts, the characters and drawings in the game are all very cute. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for players of all ages.

How to control

In this game, you can use the arrow keys to float everywhere you want. Press the spacebar to possess an object when you come close to it. If you want to return the ghost form, just press the spacebar again.

Haunt the House: Terrortown

I think that many players may know Haunt the House: Terrortown and you have to pay to play it. For students, that's hard to enjoy. Therefore, many players choose to Haunt the House. With the same mission and graphics, this game also won the hearts of the players because it's available. It means you don't need to pay any fee to play this game. If you don't believe it, why don't you experience it for yourself? I believe you will love this game the first time you play it. Now, come with us and enjoy the wonderful feeling of Haunt the House!