Burger Bounty

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Prove your managing skills in Burger Bounty

The rules of the game

Become a talented chef and run your restaurant business in Burger Bounty. Manage your restaurant by making food and serving them to your customers.

This is really one of the most attractive restaurant management games at the moment. Like every other restaurant management game, you will play as a manager. Your task now is to welcome customers and serve them food. Follow the arrows on the screen and move to the areas with the deposit symbols to unlock them. After unlocking areas such as the table, kitchen, and so on. You can start your own business. Your customers will come to the store, order, and wait. You will have to quickly go to the kitchen to prepare food and bring food plates for them. After enjoying the meal, you will have to go to the cashier and collect the money. Continue to return to the dining table to collect the items and put them in the sink. Note that each customer can only wait for you for a certain time. Therefore, if they are not served quickly, they will leave and you will lose some money. You can only carry one plate at a time and don't forget to throw the trash in the corner of the kitchen. Trash bags can become smelly and repel your guests if you keep them for too long. After you have enough money, you can expand your store and recruit more staff to welcome new guests. Do you have the gift of becoming a good chef in the future? This deserves to be one of the not-so-bad choices on Haunt The House site.

How to serve customers

PC: Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Mobile devices: Tap and hold on the screen to play

Secrets in your restaurant at Burger Bounty

Firstly, you can use the money to upgrade dishes as well as carry characters. After upgrading the dishes, the dishes will become tastier, be cooked faster, and be more easily satisfied by customers. Unlocking the carrying character will help your character become more agile, and have a higher capacity. Next, you can also use the money to decorate or redesign your store. In the shop section, you can redecorate your shop with items like vases, flowers, Egyptpdq2, Guitar, Lantten, Burgerstatue, and more. You can also decorate the wall or background with new colors in the shop. You can also choose names and outfits for your character. Finally, expanding your store is an important thing. When you earn enough money, you can use your money to open more tables, new dishes, and new areas as well as recruit more staff to support you. New dishes can be mentioned such as fries, hamburgers, coke, and so on. Customers will be increasingly crowded and difficult, so try to add delivery characters to make it easier to conquer the game.