Dump Way To Die

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A little information about Dump Way To Die

The principles

Dump Way To Die gives players a series of tough challenges. In the game, you have to overcome a series of challenges to help your character survive.

If you are looking for one of the most appealing iconic games with varied challenges and high difficulty, this game is exactly what you are looking for. One of the games that are both cute and scary next to Haunt The House is here. Join the game that puts your character through tough challenges to overcome the approaching deaths. You will have all 3 lives. If you fail in all 3 turns, your character will die. Try to overcome as many challenges as possible to achieve a high score. When you reach a high score, you can unlock a new character. Each level will give you a short time to complete the challenge. Try to complete the game at that level. The higher levels will be faster and harder for you to pass. How long can you survive?

How to control your characters

Computer: Use the mouse to play

Mobile devices: Tap and drag on the screen to control the game

Compelling facts about Dump Way To Die

Unlocked characters

The game gives you over 30 key characters including Pillock, Dunce, Simpleton, Divvy, Blunder, and more. To unlock a new character, you must overcome challenges and earn the required number of points. For example, to unlock the Happless character, you need 300 points while 200 points can unlock Pillock. Each character will have a unique appearance. Besides, the opponent characters are also very diverse. They can become obstacles to kill your character and prevent you from passing levels. These characters include Clod, Bear, Piranha, Snake, Wasps, Alien, and more. These characters can become friends or enemies depending on you. If you easily overcome them, you will be able to tame them.

All levels

Countless levels are included in the game to challenge you. The levels will gradually increase in difficulty and speed. Some of the levels or challenges you might come across are setting fire to your hair, eating medicine that's out of date, doing your own electrical work, getting your toast out with a fork, disturbing a nest of wasps for no good reason, and so on. These are really fascinating challenges that you can easily conquer.

Origin of the game

The game has an extremely interesting history as it is one of Australia's campaigns to promote railway safety. The campaign was launched in October 2012 by Metro Trains. After the game was released and the campaign was launched, more than 30% of railway accidents were averted.