Evil Nun Schools Out

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Survival challenge in the horrific school of Evil Nun Schools Out

If you are a lover of horror or survival games, Evil Nun Schools Out is certainly one of the must-try games. Try to escape from this horror school in 5 days.

This thrilling game will make your heart skip a beat with this lively sound and creepy graphics. You will transform into a student and live in a haunted school. This school has a very scary, sadistic, and psychotic nun. Your mission is to quickly escape this nun by trying to run away for 5 days. You have to find hidden objects and keys to open the doors of the rooms and find a way to sneak out or hide to survive 5 days. Remember that those creepy nuns have very sensitive ears. They can hear noises at great distances. Therefore, you need to try not to make any noise or drop anything. You will be beaten by the nun and dragged to your room if you let her see you. The game will then continue to move to the next day. If after 5 days you can't get out of the school, you lose. Over the days, the nun will become more and more violent and dangerous. You can be arrested at any time. Therefore, be wise and run away before your life ends in this spooky school. If you are a big fan of the movie The Nun, this is a horror game not to be missed besides haunt the house.

Special notes to escape this scary school in Evil Nun Schools Out easily

Useful tools to move and confront the nun

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

The F key to interact, hide and use items

To drop an item, you need to use the G key

To unhide, you need to use the T key

The LEFT CTRL is used to crouch

You can press the I key to see these buttons

What streamers talk about this game

This is one of the games that many famous streamers try and recommend the most like Techno Gamerz, Live Insaan, or Caylus. They all think that this game is really attractive and scary. It seems that the developer has been very successful in creating attraction and thrill for players. We hope that you also have the same experiment.

Modes of the game

The game gives you two main modes which unfold two different stories for this game. In escape mode, you will transform into a student in this school. You have to use your abilities to run away from the school and escape the nun's hands. You only have 5 days to escape. You will be beaten if she sees you. In shooter mode, you will no longer transform into a student and run away from the nun. You will become a mother whose child is a victim of a nun. Now, you need to pick up the gun and claim justice for your daughter. Use the gun to destroy the nun. Besides, you also need to find 6 crosses to kill the nun.