Wednesday Clicker

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Don't leave your hand in Wednesday Clicker

Enjoy Wednesday Clicker a game with simple and engaging one-click mechanics. Click on the circle to earn coins and continue to unlock other objects.

Inspired by the famous movie Wednesday, this game certainly will must-try game for fans of the movie. If you are a fan of horror movies or games, you should not miss this game as well as Haunt The House. Click many times on the screen to earn coins and unlock objects in the right column of the screen. The game opens with a circular window. You need to click repeatedly on this window to generate coins. After you earn enough coins, the objects in the right column will be unlocked. You can use your coins to open them. There are tons of objects in the game. New objects will help you to get more money. With your earnings, you can upgrade objects to get more coins. New objects will give you more value than old objects. Finally, you can earn extra coins with the x2 bonus symbol in the top corner of the screen, or return to the game with the P symbol once you've hit a high score. Objects will need more and more coins to unlock. Therefore, you need to try to earn as much money as possible. How much money can you earn?

Highlight points about Wednesday Clicker

Objects in the right column of the screen

You can see various objects in the right column of the screen. These include Click, thing, piranhas, umbrella, gargoyles, cello, goody Addams, blood moon, and more. However, to unlock these objects, you need to spend some money. You can continue to unlock more objects if you have a large enough amount. Objects will have different values. A click costs 15 cents. Piranhas cost 100 cents. The umbrella costs 10000 coins while to unlock dance you need up to 1 million coins. The following objects will have more values than the previous ones. Therefore, you should continue to use the money to update these objects to increase your money. After each update, the amount of these items also becomes higher. Updating them will make it easier for you to get more coins.

The history of the game

One of the highlights of this game is the background and color scheme of the game. The game has been developed by Nako based on the horror film of the same name and released in December 2022. This familiar one-click gameplay game is played on applications such as web browsers and mobile devices.

Different from other one-click games

You can easily come across one-click games like Cookie Clicker, Capybara Clicker, Room Clicker, Planet Clicker, and so on. Although these games share the same familiar and simple one-click rules, each game will have its own appeal. In Planet Clicker, the player must click on the screen to generate energy and unlock new planets. In Capybara Clicker, you need to click on the bear to earn more money and unlock costumes or items for the Capybara bear. Although the mission of each game is different, games with one-click mechanics are always well received.