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Experience in the fun and addictive arcade game Hole.io

Test your survival as a hole with the arcade physics game Hole.io. Your task is to collect objects on the way to become bigger and avoid other big holes.

One of the familiar and interesting io games that you should try is this. To step into the game, you need to choose a game mode and the skin of the hole. Take your hole to collect the objects you encounter on the road such as buildings, benches, trees, rocks, vehicles, people, small holes, etc. However, you must note that these items must be smaller than the size of your hole. You cannot collect larger objects. The more objects you collect, the bigger you will become. Besides collecting objects, you also need to avoid larger holes because they can swallow you whole if you bump into them. In some cases, the holes will try to chase you. Therefore, you need to get rid of them quickly. Each turn you only have a specific time. Besides surviving this period, you also need to collect many objects to become as big as possible and stand high in the rankings. Exploit more exciting features of the game by joining now.

What you find in Hole.io

Various maps

In this game, you can select from 1 of 17 available maps. The maps are classified with many interesting features and eye-catching graphics. Maps include city, medieval, Japan, Pirates, Farm, Cartoon Town, Viking, Mars, or Candy. The maps are spread from ocean to land, from city to countryside, from earth to Mars, and so on. Each map will have its own objects or items for you to collect. You can select them for free, so experiencing all these maps will be an appealing challenge for you.

All tasks

Each time you play, you will have 2 certain tasks in the mission section. If you complete all these missions, you will get some stars. Some missions you can encounter like playing 3 games on the city map. Eat 20 traffic lights on the City map. Eat 20 police on the city map or eat 20 buildings on the City map.

Main modes in the game

In the mode part, you can see 4 main modes including classic, battle royale, team, and solo runs. In classic mode, you will have to face other holes to survive and collect many objects on the way in the allotted time to get a high score on the leaderboard. In battle royale, you need to try to be the only survivor in this fierce battle. To do this, you need to stay away from big opponents and collect a lot to become bigger. The game will split into 2 teams in the next mode. In this mode, you need to try to support your teammates to destroy the opponent and become the team with the most holes left in the ruled time. In solo runs mode, you need to collect all the objects on the map in the given time to win. Besides this game, Haunt The House is also an attractive io game that attracts players at first sight.