Gold Digger FRVR

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Earn money easily with Gold Digger FRVR

Join the process of mining and enriching your locality with Gold Digger Frvr. Guide your character to go underground to mine minerals and upgrade your tools.

Have you ever been curious about gold mining? This game will give you the experience of this exciting job. Use the joystick to get the man to move underground and mine minerals. You can take advantage of ladders to stand on it. Break the ground blocks that block your way and go deeper. Sometimes you may encounter rocks that stand in your way. You can use pushing rocks together to destroy more ground blocks. However, beware as they can explode. You must stay away from them. Collect items from cracked rocks. You can collect many useful minerals from them. As you go deeper, your items, types of assets, and level will increase. Try to collect as many items as possible and level up. You can review the items you have earned and upgrade them in the shop. Can you become a rich man and bring prosperity to your hometown?

Some ways to level up in Gold Digger FRVR

Notes to avoid losing your life

It is a fact that gold mining is a dangerous business. Just a small mistake you can lose your life. At that time, you will have to return to the original position and lose all the items you have checked. Therefore, you need to avoid the following to protect your life and go to a higher level.

  • After you stack the blocks together, you need to stay away from them for your own safety.
  • Next, you can die if you dive underwater for a long time. When moving underwater, you need to pay attention to the life bar. If it runs out, you will lose your life.
  • You can die if you get hit by a rock or jump to the ground from a height. A few tips for you is to quickly break the ground block without standing under the position of the rock. Moreover, you also need to rely on ladders if you want to get down to an open ground.

The mystery behind the cracked blocks

You may encounter tons of cracked blocks that will give you a variety of stone items. These include hidden letters, shoes, diamonds, minerals, mist sets, repair boxes, work tools, and more. You can update and upgrade them in the store. In particular, the deeper you go underground, the more useful cracked blocks you will collect.