House Of Hazards

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Welcome to a dangerous house in House Of Hazards

Must-to-do task

Challenge yourself to live a life in a dangerous house which is the House Of Hazards. Control your character to complete missions and overcome obstacles.

This is the most exciting two-player 3D obstacle course game recently. If Haunt The House gives you a spooky and creepy atmosphere, House Of Hazards gives you fun and danger. You are a resident of a house and around you are traps and dangerous obstacles. To be able to live peacefully in the house, you must find a way to overcome the obstacles and complete the tasks to find the exit door from the house. To start the game, you need to select the game mode and the number of players in the game. Look at the task in the top right corner of the screen. Move to that location to complete the mission. Then you need the dexterity to move through the obstacles. You can move left, move right, jump, crouch, grab objects, and so on. However, the game also increases the challenge for you when you also have to overcome other characters. They will follow you and find ways to prevent you from completing missions by setting traps, manipulating obstacles to attack you, and so on. You have to try to overcome all of them. You also need to deal with your opponents by manipulating obstacles to attack them, set traps, or throw other characters as far as possible. After you complete all the missions and exit the house by going to the door. You can get some points. Try to get as many points and beat the previous record to exchange new characters. Can you easily get through this exciting new survival game?

Tools to control your characters

  • First player

Use the A and D keys to move and select traps

Press on the S key to crouch, pick up other characters, and activate traps

Use W to jump

  • Second player

Use the J and L key to move and select traps

Press on the K key to crouch, pick up other characters, and activate traps

Use the I key to jump

Surprises are waiting for you in House Of Hazards

There are two main game modes in this game including normal mode and time trial. In casual mode, you have to overcome obstacles and complete missions faster than your opponent. In addition, you also have to set traps and learn to control the obstacles to stop your opponents. You can choose the character and the number of players in a level. You can also choose to play with friends or play against bots in this mode. In the time trial mode, you will play first. In this mode, you need to overcome the obstacles and complete the missions as fast as you can to get a high score. Therefore, whether you fall or are knocked down by the traps in the game, get up and quickly complete the remaining tasks. Then it will be your opponent's turn. Try to stop them by using traps to prevent them from completing the game faster than you. After achieving a high score higher than the previous score, you can change your character to a new character. Countless exciting things are waiting for you ahead. Join the game to discover them.