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Raise the pet alien Pou

Pou a cute alien creature is waiting for you in this cute virtual pet game. Follow the instructions and requirements to perform your duties to raise your pet.

If you've ever gotten addicted to Tom's mobile app, this game will surely captivate you as well. Firstly, some instructions will appear. Follow it to complete the first steps of the game. In the first steps, you will shower, brush your teeth, change clothes, put on makeup and feed Pou. You can see the energy as well as the level of completion of the quest by the green bar above Pou's head. Then, when your pet has enough energy and enough missions, you can take him out into the garden or participate in minigames. You must regularly monitor your pet's status with symbols such as health, food, and fun at the top of the screen. You have to find a way to refill it if you find them exhausted. You can eat more food to replenish food and health and participate in games to replenish the fun. After you complete a level, your pet will grow bigger and bigger. How far can your pet grow? There are many interesting things waiting for you, engage in this game to raise your own pet, or join Haunt The House to raise a lovely ghost.

Outstanding features only in Pou

Outside garden

You can take your dog for a walk in the garden with two main options including playing with nature and playing with friends. If you choose a quiet and gentle play for Pou, you can choose the flower bush. At that time, you can make rain or help Pou sing to relax. If you choose the bear, you can help him play with Pou such as playing basketball, catching a ball, or eating with Pou.

Mini-games part

You can participate in 5 mini-games in this game including hill drive, sky hop, water hop, jet pou, and food drop. Each game will have a specific time and challenge. You need to work hard to overcome those challenges. Remember that after participating in the minigame, your pet will consume a good amount of health and energy. You need to quickly replenish them to continue the game. Don't forget to bathe them after each game.

The daily missions

Every day, you can have special missions in the daily mission. These tasks can be mentioned as feeding Pou 5 times, washing Pou 2 times, eating 2 apples, and so on. Every day, the mission will be challenging and interesting. Therefore, come back to the game every day to discover those interesting things.

House closet

In this section, you can change Pou's skin color, change outfit, change hair, change accessories, change style, bathe or feed Pou. Among these items, the food and bath items are extremely important. Eating can help improve your character's health and energy while bathing and playing can help put your character at ease.