Bad Time Simulator

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About Bad Time Simulator

Welcome to Bad Time Simulator, the ultimate test of your gaming skills. Confront Sans and try to survive his relentless attacks. Try to win!

If you're looking to put your dodging abilities to the test, this game is the perfect choice. You'll find yourself in a showdown with Sans, a character from the Undertale universe, who will launch a barrage of bone and laser attacks your way. Your task is to skillfully maneuver your heart, avoiding these incoming assaults. Keep a close eye on the blood bar displayed at the bottom of the screen. Every hit from the bones or lasers will deplete the blood bar. When it's completely empty, it's game over. So, ensure the safety of your heart at all costs and aim to conquer all the levels within the game.

How to Play

  • Use the Z key to make selections.
  • Control the heart's movement using the arrow keys.

How many game modes are available in Bad Time Simulator?

Bad Time Simulator offers a total of five game modes, including Normal Mode, Practice Mode, Endless Mode, Single Attack, and Custom Attack. If you want to practice and improve your skills, opt for Practice Mode. For a series of levels with varying degrees of difficulty, Normal Mode is your choice. Endless Mode provides an unending battle against Sans. Single Attack mode lets you select and learn to evade specific attacks. Lastly, if you want to create your custom Sans attacks, go for Custom Attack mode.