Defense Quest: Save Your Base

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About Defense Quest: Save Your Base

Protect your base from enemies in Defense Quest: Save Your Base. Support defenders to use special abilities and protect the base from dangerous enemies.

Leaving aside horror games like Haunt The House, I will take you to a new game's gene which is the strategy game. Strong enemies are coming. You will also be with defenders to protect the castle from their invasion. Support defenders by using special methods or abilities such as trenching, sandbag barriers, razor wire, or freezing to prevent enemy footsteps from reaching your area. Defenders will use guns to kill and block their footsteps at close range. However, to use these skills, you need to spend a lot of energy and you have to wait a short time for your energy to recover. After winning, you will collect a sum of money and go to the next level. The higher the level, the more challenging the game will become. Beware of powerful bosses in big fights. At the end of the game, you can use the money to increase your troops or buy more energy for the next battle. After you upgrade your soldiers and their energy, you can level up. Be fully equipped to take down any opponent in any match easily.

How to win Defense Quest: Save Your Base

Important skills to support you

The game allows you to kill enemies with 4 main skills including ditch, barricade, razor wire, and freeze. Barricade and razor wire allows you to create a fence to block your opponent's footsteps. Ditch allows you to dig ditches to create deep water holes and drown enemies as they pass. You can use the freeze skill to freeze enemies while defenders shoot them down. As mentioned, this skill requires some energy to unlock. Moreover, they can only be active for a short time. After this time, they will run out and you have to wait to continue using them. If you want more energy, you need to use your finances to buy more.

The plot twist in the high level

There are countless levels in the game. Higher levels will be more challenging as you have to overcome more dangerous, stronger, and faster opponents. Their running speed will be faster than your gun speed. Their army also became larger. They can jump over barbed wire fences, run through ditches, or even die in a single shot. Moreover, at high levels, you may face giant bosses. You need to stay alert and stay calm to defeat them. There are a few tips for you if you want to pass these levels. You should use the money to buy more soldiers and increase your army. Next, when you are at a high level, some new weapons will be unlocked like bomber, lava rock, meteor rain, and missile. Each time you use them, you lose some money. Therefore, use them to deal with large and powerful bosses. Are you ready for this fierce battle to protect your castle?