Red And Blue Stickman 2

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Welcome to the journey of Red And Blue Stickman 2

Relax with a captivating adventure game called Red And Stickman 2. Take your characters to the finish line by collecting gold and keys to unlock magical doors.

If you are looking for a 2-player game to increase friendship and entertainment this summer, this game is a reasonable choice for you. You and your partner will control a stickman character. There are two Stickman characters available, blue and red. The blue character will hold the blue key and the blue door while the red character will control the red key. You can easily switch from characters by pressing the switch on the screen. After collecting the master keys, you have to get your character to collect enough coins. The coins will be scattered on the road, collect all of them you will get many points. You need to remember that two characters cannot collect the wrong color of the key or go to the wrong door. The door can only be opened when both characters hold their key and reach the finish line. Are you ready to embark on this fun and exciting journey?

Characteristics that attract players most in Red And Blue Stickman

All levels in the game

You can go to the next level after you complete the previous challenge. The higher levels will become more difficult. There are hundreds of levels to challenge you. You will have to face more obstacles as well as more terrain. Try to pass all of them and unlock new characters or items.

Skin section

You can unlock a new skin in the game using coins or leveling up. There are tons of skins that you can see in the skin part. Some skins you can unlock at a low level while some require some big coins to open.