Bob The Robber

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Take part in a one-of-a-kind heist in Bob The Robber

The principles of the game

Well-known for fun thefts, Bob The Robber definitely delights you with its exciting missions. Collect coins and complete all tasks to escape from the house.

This adventure game will give you an exciting opportunity to become a good and notorious thief. Break into the rich buildings in the city to collect money and distribute it to the poor. To do this, you need to control the character to overcome the obstacles in the houses, collect extra things as well as complete the main tasks to complete the level. There are many levels in the game. Each level will give you different main tasks. The tasks will be placed on sheets of paper and mounted on the wall. Read them to know the next required step of the game. To complete the main mission, you have to overcome a series of obstacles in the game such as police, guards, security officers, cameras, and so on. If you are caught, an alarm will sound. Get over it quickly or you might get caught and not be able to complete the level. To avoid the guards or security robots, you can use sticks to attack them. To get more money, you need to find extra things. They are hidden in boxes placed in the corner. Besides, the game also brings a series of locked doors, so you need to open them.
After completing a level, you will receive some money and unlock the next location. Continue stealing in the next buildings and complete the game. Are you ready for this heist? Besides, Haunt The House is also a good choice for you to relax on tired days.

Buttons to control the thief

Press the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Press on the SPACEBAR to use weapons and attack

Use the W key to read the paper, climb floors, open unlocked doors, and perform tasks.

Distinctive features in the heist of Bob The Robber

Buildings that you will rob

The game gives you 5 levels similar to 5 houses on the map. Each house will bring different challenges and difficulties. The higher the level, the more challenges are presented. At higher levels, you have to overcome more obstacles like guards, police, cameras, dogs, and so on. Try not to be detected by them because at that time you will be caught. After completing a level, you can continue your heist in the next houses.

The history development and other parts of the series

The game was launched in 2011 by Funtomic. This is the first part in the Bob The Robber series with the story of a boy named Bob's journey to become a thief. Each part will have its own characteristics. In the first journeys, Bob will become a thief and sneak into large buildings such as hospitals, churches, theaters, casinos, bars, and so on to avoid police, security cameras, dogs, zombies, et cetera. In later journeys, Bob will participate in larger missions such as working together to catch a cross-country burglar or going on adventures in Japan, Russia, or France.