Backrooms Game

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About Backrooms Game

Backrooms Game is an immersive and disturbing game that takes you to a world full of mazes. You will find yourself trapped in mysterious limits.

How to play

As you navigate through the dimly lit and desolate corridors of this otherworldly realm, your objective is to survive and find a means of escape. Beware of the lurking dangers that lie in the shadows, for the Backrooms are inhabited by unsettling entities and unsettling anomalies.

Utilize your wits, observation skills, and resourcefulness to uncover hidden clues and solve perplexing puzzles. Each step you take brings you closer to unraveling the secrets of this surreal environment and ultimately finding your way back to reality.

Monsters in the Shadows

As you traverse these forsaken corridors, you are not alone. The Backrooms are inhabited by malevolent entities, creatures that exist only to torment and terrify. These monsters prowl in search of unsuspecting souls and contact with them means certain doom. Stealth and cunning are your allies in this battle for survival.


  • Move - WASD
  • Crouch - Left Control
  • Sprint - Shift
  • Lean Left - Q
  • Lean Right - E
  • Interact - F
  • Use Item - Left Click
  • Chat - Enter
  • Talk - V
  • Player List - Tab
  • Inventory - i
  • 1,2,3 - Hotbars
  • Show Card - C