Bacon May Die

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Defeat enemies in Bacon May Die

How about principles

One of the action games with fighting and shooting mechanics that you need to try is Bacon May Die. Use the control buttons to take down many opponents.

Use your spare time to come in this game that will refresh your tired days. In the game, you will transform into a pig. Your task is to use the available weapons to jump up and destroy the enemy. Your enemies are extremely strong. Therefore, you must be careful with them. Your character will move on its own. You only use a few function keys to find and destroy your enemies before they destroy you. The more you kill, the higher your score will be. There are countless enemies in the game that you have to destroy including other animals, beehives, or bloodthirsty zombies. If you touch them, you will lose blood. You can see your health in the top left corner of the screen. The more you play, the more enemies become. Try to pass all of them and win to get more coins.

Function keys

  • First-player:

Use the A and the D key to move and shoot

Press on the W key to jump up

  • Second-player:

Use the RIGHT ARROW key and the LEFT ARROW key to move and shoot.

Press on the UP ARROW key to jump up

How to unlock new modes in Bacon May Die

One of the fascinating parts of this game is the game modes. There are 4 main game modes including survival, sudden death, blast, and scoop. In these game modes, survival is opened for you to enter the game. In survival, you have to fight against many dangerous enemies to earn coins and level up. Subsequent modes will be unlocked by completing missions. For example, to unlock sudden death mode you need to kill 50 enemies while blast mode will be unlocked when you hit 50 combo hits. Participating in these modes, you not only earn coins but you can also earn medals. Join the game to experience it now.