Bad Dolls

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Explore the Game Modes of Bad Dolls

Bad Dolls beckons you to discover the secrets hidden in mysterious castles and temples. Fight monsters in these ancient structures and quickly escape.

Single Player Mode

The first game mode offered is the Single Player Mode, offering two options: Stages and Endless. Opting for the Stages mode leads you through a sequential exploration of four maps. In each map, waves of menacing monsters await, including piggy monsters, spider monsters, and crocodile monsters. Don't underestimate them, they carry valuable coins. Dispatching these creatures nets you a substantial coin haul. However, beware, as these monsters wield potent firearms to counter your advances. To ensure your survival, swiftly seize any available weapons and use them to repel the onslaught. Keep a vigilant eye on treasure chests scattered throughout the temples and castles, they conceal various weapons. Whenever your ammunition runs dry, these chests will be your lifeline. Vanquish all the monsters to progress to the next map. Alternatively, if an endless clash against hordes of monsters appeals to you, the Endless option awaits.

Two Player Mode

The second mode in Bad Dolls is the Two Player Mode, enabling you to invite your friends to accompany you on your explorations of these castles and temples. You can either engage in battle with your friends or collaborate with them. To team up and face the monsters together, select the Co-op button. If you prefer to pit your skills against your friend, choose the Versus option.


  • Use the up arrow key to jump.
  • Execute a double jump by pressing the up arrow key twice.
  • Navigate left or right with the left-right arrow keys.
  • Collect weapons by pressing the down arrow key.
  • Unleash your firepower with the spacebar.
  • Swap between weapons using the B key.