Ballista Man

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Ballista Man is an extremely fun archery game. Enemies are constantly trying to attack your town. Defend your town from lurking threats and relentless enemies.

Gameplay Overview

In Ballista Man, your primary objective is to protect a fortress or a designated location from unceasing waves of adversaries, which could include menacing monsters, enemy soldiers, or other imminent dangers. You wield a powerful ballista, and your prowess with it will determine your town's fate. To take control, adjust the ballista's angle and power for each shot by skillfully sliding your mouse and clicking. The ballista's mobility may be limited, compelling you to devise strategic positioning to cover all potential attack angles effectively.

Ammunition Management

As you confront relentless waves of opponents, judiciously manage your ammunition reserves. Various projectile types may be at your disposal, each possessing unique characteristics such as explosive rounds, piercing bolts, or area-of-effect shots. With limited ammunition, every shot counts, and selecting the right projectile for each situation is crucial.

Waves of adversaries approach your fortress from diverse directions, demanding your vigilant attention. Swiftly survey the battlefield, anticipate enemy movements, and prioritize targets based on their perceived threat levels. Formidable foes or boss-like creatures may necessitate multiple shots to defeat.