Blob Opera

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Create your own talented band in Blob Opera

If you are looking for music games, Blob Opera should definitely be your first choice. Create a band and have the members create catchy songs.

This game not only has eye-catching graphics and vivid sound, but it also conquers players with its simple gameplay. First, you will be given a blob. Then, follow the instructions to control the first blob singing by moving up and down. Then the next blob will be provided. Each blob will have different controls and will have a different voice. They will form a band after you unlock all 4 characters. You can take your band on music tours around the world or create your own songs from these blobs and share them with your friends. There are countless interesting things that you can only discover when participating in the game.

Remarkable features in Blob Opera

Game history

Created in October 2020, this light music game is a great choice for players of all ages. This is a successful product of the collaboration between David Li and Google Arts and Culture. The game can be easily used on all platforms such as mobile devices and desktop devices.

Create your songs in the game

With the record button at the bottom left corner of the screen, you can create your own songs and record them to share with friends. With the musical note icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, you can create tours from Europe, America to Asia. You can also choose any song from the tour to have these blobs sing. This is definitely a game that satisfies the passion of music lovers.