Block Stacking 3D Game

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Challenge your brain with block matching in Block Stacking 3D Game

Combined with puzzle and match block games, Block Stacking 3D Game is an irresistible attraction. Rotate blocks to match them and remove them from the stack.

A fruit version puzzle game has made a grand appearance on your computer screen. The game rules are also so simple. After clicking the start button, the game will display a stack of watermelons with many different shapes. At the top, there is a block. These blocks and stacks will have a characteristic shape. Your job is to rotate and move to match them up. You can rotate left, rotate right, flip up or down to fit the blocks together. You can see a new block in the outermost corner of the screen. After you form a stack with matching stacks, some blocks will be removed. Try to remove as many stacks as possible. After you remove a stack of stacks, you can level up. Different levels will have different difficulty. Remember that you will lose if you let blocks fill the screen. Try to clear as many blocks as you can to use it and exchange it for new skins for your stack. What is your highest score?

Diverse and eye-catching skins in Block Stacking 3D Game

The game gives you dozens of skins. New skins require you to exchange some points to get it. You also easily level up with newer skins. The game is started with a stack of watermelons. Then if you get 1500 you can unlock the book skin, 2000 with the platform skin and so on. Therefore, try to get as many points as possible to have a chance to own new skins and enhance your level.