Bossy Toss

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Playing Bossy Toss will help you relieve stress. Use a variety of weapons to continuously attack your boss, amassing a treasure trove of your gold coins.

Weaponry to the Rescue!

It's time to unleash your arsenal of weapons and unleash a barrage of blows on your boss. The key to success lies in a relentless assault on your boss, inflicting as much damage as possible. Notably, the more devastation you wreak, the greater your coin rewards become. Chain together hits to trigger coin-filled bags, rewarding your precision and consistency. Your ultimate goal is to deplete the progress bar located in the upper left corner of the screen. Once it's full, you can advance to the next level, unlocking a new boss and office environment in the process.

Attractive features of Bossy Toss

Quests and Achievements

Bossy Toss offers an array of quests and achievements to conquer. Completing these challenges not only grants you coins but also precious purple gems. These gems can be used to purchase additional coins, enhancing your gameplay.

List of some notable achievements

  • Score 10 headshots to earn 50 coins.
  • Inflict 250 damage to claim 50 coins.
  • Knock out the boss 5 times for a reward of 50 coins.
  • Play for one hour to obtain 100 purple gems.

A Wealth of Weaponry

In the in-game shop, you'll discover a wide selection of weapons, each with its own unique characteristics and price. Whether you prefer axes, explosives, arrows, darts, traps, maces, spears, swords, guns, spoons, plungers, rods, cups, buckets, or special holiday-themed weapons introduced during Christmas, you can acquire them using your hard-earned coins and purple gems.