Candy Crush Saga

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Bathe your day in sweets with Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga will make your day as sweet as your crush. Complete the game's mission by moving a candy to form a line of more than 3 candies to delete them.

As a classic match 3 puzzle game, its rules are extremely simple and addictive. You need to pass countless levels. The levels will have different challenges and goals. To pass a level, you need to collect a certain number of candies to complete missions. To collect candies, you need to move a candy to form a line with more than 3 candies. Then the candies in a row will be removed. You can get special candies if you remove 4 or 5 candies, multiple candies, or 2 rows of candies at the same time. Levels will have a certain number of moves. You are only allowed to move in the number of moves allowed. Therefore, if you run out of moves without completing the goal, you lose. After you complete the goal, you can complete that level and qualify for the next level. At high levels, you can unlock candies that help you which you can use for hints in the next levels. The game also gives you dozens of exciting events, unique missions, and diverse levels.

Well-known facts about Candy Crush Saga

Various levels

Currently, this game is credited with 14330 levels. The higher levels will give players greater challenges as well as more interesting missions. To get to the higher levels, you have to pass a series of small levels. The tasks that you may encounter include collecting all the candies on the ice, collecting chocolate candies, collecting candy orders, and so on. This game is a suitable choice for entertainment after honor games like Haunt The House.

Candy boosters

You are provided with a variety of boosters to help in the high levels. Some of the candy boosters you might see include Lollipop Hammer, Extra Moves, Jelly Fish, Color Bomb, Coconut Wheel, Free Switch, and more. These boosters will be unlocked as you level up. For example, Lollipop Hammer unlocks at level 7 and allows you to smash target candies off the board. Jelly Fish is unlocked at level 9 and the fish will move to destroy the requested candies. Party Popper Booster will set off fireworks to clear the board and be activated at level 29. However, some boosters like Striped and Wrapped or Color Bomb can be created if you collect many candies at once.

The history of the game

This is one of the hottest games of 2020 when it is recorded with more than 1 billion plays on platforms such as iOS, Android, and desktop devices. This is exactly King Mobile's most successful puzzle video game.