Cookie Clicker

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About Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is a clicker game that forces you to strategize, optimize, and most importantly click. In the game, you click as many cakes as possible.

Gameplay Mechanics

You begin your confectionery adventure with a single clickable cookie. As you repeatedly and eagerly click, your cookie count steadily increases, unlocking a world of sugary possibilities. The magic of Cookie Clicker is its power to transform this seemingly mundane task into a mesmerizing and habit-forming experience, satisfying our innate desire for progress and reward.

With each click, you accumulate cookies, and these sweet morsels become the currency for purchasing upgrades that fuel your cookie empire's expansion. The upgrades come in various forms, ranging from Grandma's baking skills to time machines that allow you to harvest cookies from the past and future. The choices you make and the upgrades you prioritize become pivotal, turning this seemingly simple game into a strategic adventure. Will you invest in automated structures to boost production, or will you chase more extravagant upgrades and discover the secrets they hold?

How to play

Use the mouse.