Cute Lips Plastic Surgery

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Cute Lips Plastic Surgery is an attractive arcade game. You work as a surgeon to assist a young girl in treating her lips and giving her a gorgeous makeover.

The Story

Our protagonist had a bit of an unfortunate encounter with a cactus, and the cactus needles left her lips in need of some tender care. Your mission unfolds in two stages, each with its unique set of tasks.

Stage 1: Lip Surgery

In the first stage, it's all about minor surgery to restore the girl's lips to their former glory. Carefully remove all the needles that have become embedded in her lips. Make four precise incisions on her lips. Apply medication to soothe her lips and then use ice to further ease any discomfort. Finish the procedure by applying a healing lip balm.

Stage 2: Dressing Up

Once her lips are on the road to recovery, it's time to unleash your fashion sense. In this second stage, your task is to select the most beautiful makeup, stylish clothing, and a stunning hairstyle to make her look her absolute best.

Achievements to Unlock

  • Lips Emergency: Apply ointment to the lips to unlock this achievement.
  • Freezy Kissy: To unlock this achievement, use ice on the lips.
  • Cactus Love: Collect all the cactus needles to earn this achievement.
  • Lippy Licious: Successfully complete the lip treatment to gain this achievement.
  • Prop Maniac: Experiment with all available accessories to earn this achievement.
  • La Diva: Try out all the clothing options to secure this achievement.
  • Winky Face: Unlock this achievement by experimenting with all the available eye expressions.
  • Kiss You Later: To gain this achievement, you should try all the mouth poses.
  • Glamorous: Finish the game to unlock this achievement.
  • Exquisite Lips: You can earn this achievement after unlocking all the other achievements mentioned above. It's a testament to your mastery of the game.