Dreadhead Parkour

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Reach the finish line with Dreadhead Parkour

One of the most attractive parkour games is indispensable Dreadhead Parkour. Collect stars on the way to complete the level after overcoming obstacles.

If you are looking for parkour games similar to Stickman Parkour, or Parkour Block 3D, this game is also a suitable choice for you. In the game, you will transform into the character Dreadhead. Then, overcome the dangerous obstacles on the way to complete the level and reach the finish line. You can use abilities like running fast, jumping high, or slithering to avoid them. However, you also need to collect the stars on the way. Each level has a certain star. If you collect enough stars, you will get a big star plus some coins. Remember that you will die if you accidentally hit dangerous obstacles. At that time, you will have to do the level again. Try to pass all levels to break the game. Are you the fastest and the most talented runner?

Special things which are useful to the player in Dreadhead Parkour

How to move

  • PC:

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Press on the W key or the ARROW key to jump up

Tap on the S key or the DOWN ARROW key to slither over

  • Mobile phone: Hold and tap on the buttons on the screen

Hidden things behind the levels

The game has 36 levels in total. The levels will bring special difficulties. At any level, you also need to overcome dangerous obstacles. Some obstacles players can easily encounter like spikers, gears, big walls, pits, and so on. With just a light touch on them, you lose and have to replay the game. Each level will give you a number of stars and coins if you can complete and collect. You can use them to change the skin of your character.