Geometry Dash Bloodbath

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How about the principles

Challenge the fast-paced run game that is Geometry Dash Bloodbath. Guide your character to evade the obstacles and conquer every level to the finish line.

This is one of the most engaging and challenging installments in the Geometry series. In this journey of the cube, you need to take him through the obstructions scattered on the way like fire, thorns, etc to reach the finish line. You also need to collect stars on the way to increase your score. You will complete the level when you reach the teleport gate to enter the next level. The levels will gradually increase in difficulty and you have to try to pass them. You can use acceleration for your character if you want to move faster, jump, stop, or slither to overcome obstacles on the ground. The obstacles will increase. Try to pass all of them.

The buttons to control your character

Use the W key or the ARROW key to jump up

Press on the A key or the LEFT ARROW key to stop

Use the D key or the RIGHT ARROW key to speed up

Tap on the S key or the DOWN ARROW key to slide

Small levels of Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Levels are one of the highlights of the game. You have to go through 15 levels with difficulty from low to high. The higher levels will be more difficult and bring more obstacles for you. The level will end if you hit any obstacle and you will have to do it again. Besides, each level will have a certain number of stars. You have to collect all the stars and do it with the fewest attempts to get a high score. Your score, death count, and level will be displayed in the top corner of the screen so you can easily see them.