Gold Miner

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Try to become a rich man in Gold Miner

How to control the hook to collect resources

Gold Miner is one of those classic arcade games that you cannot refuse. Support the man to mine as much gold as possible to qualify for the next level.

With familiar rules and an eye-catching interface, this game deserves to be one of the most attractive gold mining games. Try to collect as much gold as possible. You need to control your hook to collect valuable resources like gold, diamonds, and bags. There are tons of resources and items you can find in the game. Some resources won't be worth much, but some can give you a lot. Each level will have a certain goal. You need to try to complete the goal in the allotted time. The game will be over when you do not meet the target in the given time. After each level, you can use your money to buy support items in the shop and continue with the next level. Try to pass as many levels as possible to conquer the game.

Things to know about the history of the Gold Miner

This is an arcade puzzle game that most 9x gamer knows. This is a game published by GameRival. It was released in 2003 and quickly became mainstream on almost every home computer.

What's hidden behind the levels in Gold Miner

The game gives you various levels where you need to collect enough resources to meet the criteria for the next level. Resources include gold, rocks, diamonds, bones, kangaroos, TNT crates, and more. In it, the rock will cost you a lot of time and energy when collecting. Gold will be divided into large gold, small gold, and medium gold. In it, you will earn 500 with large gold, 250 with medium gold, and 50 with small gold. Kangaroos and TNT crates will be easy for you to collect but their value is very little, even TNT crates will explode in a large area. You will get the most resources when you collect gold, diamonds, and secret bags.