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Transform into a worm in Growmi

Your worm in Growmi is lost in a tiny world. Your aim is to control the worm to avoid obstacles to collect all the stars and explore this miracle world.

The worm's journey in this cute graphics and gameplay platform puzzle game is sure to become a mouthwatering spiritual treat for your long days. You will become a worm who strays into a tiny fantasy world. To overcome this world, you need to explore the entire map and collect all the stars. You should also note that your worm only has a certain number of moves. Therefore, it will not be able to move if you stretch its body beyond the allowed length. After you collect 2 stars, the length of the worm's body will increase and you can continue with other areas. Remember that you also need to avoid obstacles. You can not move through them so try to have wise moves. Pay attention to areas with ropes. You can go to a new world with more magic and fun when you cross this rope. Especially, after you unlock the power, you can use the shrink or space expansion feature. Don't forget to collect puzzle pieces to unlock secret puzzles. The more you explore, the more interesting things this world will have for you. Experience to find out them.

Open a magic world in Growmi

The move way

Use the WASD to move

Press on the SPACEBAR key to zoom in or zoom out the world

Use the R key to restart

Tap on the Z key or the U key to undo

Use the M key to open the map

The map of this world

You can see the map in the top left corner of the screen. The map will show you where you stand as well as where the star or message is and places you haven't been. You can rely on them to move to other places and avoid missing important locations on the map.