Hammer Flight

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Hammer Flight is an exciting online fighting game. You need to command your hammer and destroy your opponent's hammer to win this fierce competition.

Emerging Victorious

In this game, each participant wields a formidable hammer. Specifically, a rock hammer is affixed to a contraption equipped with flight capabilities, enabling your hammer to soar through the skies. Two combatants will face off in a fierce showdown with one simple objective: annihilate the opponent's hammer. To achieve this, you must guide your character to spin and launch attacks at the adversary's hammer. Your hammer, too, will execute the same maneuver as it swirls around. The faster you rotate, the mightier your hammer's onslaught becomes. Brace yourself to dismantle your foe's hammer piece by piece.

How Victory is Determined

Directly beneath each character lies an HP bar, serving as an indicator of the battle's progress. By comparing these HP bars, you can gauge who holds the upper hand in the clash. Should one player's HP bar be depleted before the other's, that player will taste defeat. Conversely, the contender with the remaining HP emerges as the triumphant champion. To diminish your adversary's HP bar, your attacks must inflict damage upon their character. Launch a relentless assault to keep your opponent on the defensive, leaving them scant opportunity to formulate a counterstrategy.