Happy Wheel

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Happy Wheel with crazy action scenes

How about principles

Challenge yourself with the craziest driving game you've ever seen, Happy Wheel. Move carefully to avoid obstacles on the way and reach the finish line.

If you are one of those people who loves adventure or thrilling scenes, this game is for you. You can enjoy the game with tons of attractive levels. So, why say this is a crazy driving game? In the game, you can choose one of 3 basic vehicles including an unicycle, bicycle, and wheelchair. In the game, you will have to try to overcome all obstacles and reach the finish line. However, obstacles are set up everywhere. Your characters can be injured or killed with just a light touch on them. Rely on the control buttons to control the vehicle moving by jumping up, down, or forward. After completing a level, you can challenge yourself with the next level. However, if your character is injured due to collisions, you have to start the game again from the beginning. Don't let your character fall into unwanted deaths.

How to drive your vehicles

Press on the W key or the UP ARROW key to move us

Use the S key or the DOWN ARROW key to reverse

The A key or the LEFT ARROW key is used to tilt back

The D key or the RIGHT ARROW key is used to tilt forward

Use the SPACEBAR to jump up

Tap on the Z key to leave the vehicle

Drive through obstacles in Happy Wheel

The characteristics of the vehicles

The game offers 9 levels classified from easy to difficult. Levels include obstacles course, gut bus extreme, and Dawn of the Dead.1v1, rope swing, and more. To complete these levels, your character must be brought to the finish line safely. The higher levels you will encounter more obstacles such as bends, nails, spiker, steel, stairs, and so on which are so dangerous. As soon as you touch one of them, the game will stop.

Feature levels

There are three main means of transportation including wheelchairs, unicycles, and bicycles. Each of these vehicles will have different characteristics. Wheelchair for men. It moves mainly with the rear wheel and the way it moves is similar to that of a single-wheeler. With a unicycle, you will be traveling mainly with one wheel available. The advantage of this type of vehicle is that it is small and compact. You can cross narrow terrains. Bicycles have two characters father and son sitting. To reach the finish line safely, you must get them as well as your characters through the obstacles safely.