Imposter Clash

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In Imposter Clash, you control the Imposter character to defeat enemies and you will be awarded the corresponding points on the enemy's head.

Your objective in Imposter Clash

Your objective is to carefully navigate the spaceship, rescue your fellow teammates to assemble a formidable force, and eliminate all the menacing monsters encountered during your journey. Traverse a multitude of diverse levels and relish the excitement! In the vastness of space, your battleground consists of interconnected pathways. Scattered throughout these paths are menacing red imposters that you must vanquish using your blue crewmate troops.

Small note

Once you have eliminated all the red impostors, the level will be cleared. Be careful of traps that can reduce the number of your troops. Find a way to bypass these traps completely or ensure you have a force strong enough to counter their effects and ultimately win. Good luck!