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Introducing Jacksmith

In Jacksmith, you will play the role of a skilled blacksmith. Craft weapons to equip the soldiers to fight against the monster and rescue the princess.

The Tale of Jacksmith

The story unfolds with Jacksmith, a talented blacksmith, facing hard times as his customers fail to settle their bills for horseshoes and hinges. Struggling in poverty, Jacksmith catches wind of the kidnapping of Princess Liliana of the Plumpfeather family. The culprits behind her abduction are none other than the enigmatic wizard Dudley, enticed by the princess's unparalleled beauty. In response, the king offers a substantial reward to any brave warrior who can save her. Many courageous adventurers embark on perilous journeys to locate and rescue the princess.

Seeing this as an opportunity to earn a living, Jacksmith, along with his trusty furry apprentice Scout, establishes a modest blacksmith shop near the forest. Here, they assist these warriors in crafting formidable weapons for their quest.

Gameplay Guidelines

Numerous warriors will visit your establishment, each with specific requests for various weapons, including swords, bows, axes, shields, and maces, among others. Satisfying these customers earns you coins. These warriors will utilize the weapons you forge to confront monsters lurking in the forest. Your craftsmanship will be rewarded with gems and valuable items if your weapons prove potent enough to defeat these adversaries. Your journey will take you through diverse locations as you expand and enhance your blacksmith shop.

Controls: Utilize the mouse for control.

Achieving Badges in Jacksmith

  • Traveling Blacksmith: Obtain this badge by traveling to Cinder Springs.
  • Mountain Climber: Unlock this badge when you reach Apline Ridge - 30 Gem.
  • Desert Trek: Secure this badge by reaching Boneyard Dunes.
  • Sword Collection: Earn this badge by unlocking all types of Swords.
  • Bow Master: Attain this badge by unlocking all types of Bows.
  • Axe Arsenal: Claim this badge by unlocking all types of Axes.
  • Shield Builder: Garner this badge by unlocking all types of Shields.
  • Forest Trail: Traverse the Evershade Forest to earn this badge.