Merge Cakes

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Why you should join Merge Cakes

Merge Cakes is an exciting arcade game with many kinds of cakes. Your mission is to merge the same cakes to earn coins and unlock the new slot.

If you are a person who is addicted to sweets, this game is released for you. You will merge the same cakes so that there can be other sweets with a higher price. You should join this game because it will surely entertain you. You will be immersed in the world of sweets where you can see many different types of cakes. Some of the great cakes in the game include Mediterranean, Panellet Cocochoco, Cannolo Semplice, Cannoli Ripieni, Doughnut, Strawberry Doughnut, Grape Biscuit, Profiterol, etc.

The game rules of Merge Cakes

Follow the game rules

In the game, there are many slots. You will start with the cookies. You need to click on the food cover to make it full. You will then receive a food cover on the slot. You need to click to get more food covers. As a result, your number of food covers will increase. You will open them up and merge the same cookies. If you merge the same cakes, you will have more empty slots to get many food covers. In addition, more amazing cakes will help you get more gold coins. Try to accumulate as many gold coins as possible.

In addition, when you have more gold coins, you will also get new slots. They give you plenty of room to merge great cakes. Try to merge as many identical cakes as possible.

Get many achievements

As you merge more awesome cakes, you will get more achievements. You can unlock them. They will bring you well-deserved rewards. Your gold coins will multiply. You will become rich thanks to the cakes.