Monkey Mart

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Manage your grocery with Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart will be a good choice for you if you want to improve your store management skills. Transform into a monkey and sell products to earn money.

With cute graphics and simple gameplay, you can easily control your shop with just the WASD keys or the ARROW keys. You need to follow the green arrow direction to understand. You will transform into a monkey. Then control your monkey to move and collect coins in the shop. That money can help you open new stalls as well as raise, grow, or create products. Go to the square area to sow and plant. Then, harvest them and bring them to the stalls to sell your products. Your customers will come to buy products and pay at the cashier. You can get a big amount of money after you sell some products. You can use your money to open more stalls, unlock products, upgrade sales characters, buy items, and expand your shop. Make sure the stalls are always stocked with food. Can you expand your business market?

Ability to be a talent shop owner in Monkey Mart

Your grocery will have a wide variety of products. These products will be unlocked when you earn a decent income and unlock more stalls. New products may include eggs, yogurt, popcorn, milk, bananas, and so on. Besides, accompanying these products, the game also opens support characters when you level up. Supporting characters include a chef, microwave, cow, or chicken. They will automatically be unlocked when you level up. Besides, these characters will also assist you in creating new products or trading. Cheft will help you to ship the products. Microwaves will make popcorn while milk will be made from cows. Experience the game to discover more amusing things. Finally, the hats in the store are very beautiful. You can use your coins to unlock them.