Murder: To Kill Or Not To Be Kill

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Challenging to become a king with Murder: To Kill Or Not To Be Kill

A fun and impressive one-click game Murder: To Kill Or Not To Be Kill was on your screen. Your ultimate goal is to assassinate the emperor to become a new one.

An easy-to-understand game, a simple and attractive pot twist is here. Control your character to assassinate the emperor while he is not paying attention and deal with the guys behind your back. At the begging of the game, you will become a servant. Then use the weapon that is the stick in your hand to assassinate the king. After successfully assassinating him, you will become the new king. However, the king could turn around at any time. If you let him catch you, you will be sent to prison and continue as a servant for the next turn. If you successfully defeat him, you can become a new king. At this point, you will continue to face those who want to assassinate you. They will go behind you to find a way to defeat you. If you catch the right person, you will become the new king of the kingdom. Try to reach your highest goal.

Unforgettable features in Murder: To Kill Or Not To Be Kill

One of the best things about this game is the characters behind you. There are many characters behind you that you can see including the queen, the witch, the violinist, the servant, and so on. You need to distinguish between characters you can trust and characters you need to detect. If you spot the wrong person, you lose. Each of your choices can open up a different ending. Each new ending will be saved in the achievements section. You need to try to collect all your achievements as well as get your throne.