Office Conflict

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Join in fierce shooting battle in Office Conflict

The gameplay

Office Conflict is a fierce and exciting shooting game in which you must pick up a gun to knock out your enemies. Try to knock out as much as possible.

Pick up your gun to fight those who are trying to kill you in this dangerous gun battle arena. Your character is on a mission and now, he must try to get out of this room from the attackers. Take control of your character moving in the room. You need to pay close attention and watch carefully for any moving objects in the game. They can kill you at any time while you are not paying attention. You are equipped with special weapons such as knives, guns, or grenades. You can change the options of these items depending on the map or standing position or enemies you encounter. You can also control the character to jump when going through special terrain. Kill most of your enemies and you win.

How to control your gunner

Use the ARROW keys or the WASD keys to move

Press on the L key to stop temporarily

Use the G key to use a grenade

Tap on the V key to use the knife

Use the mouse to look around

All weapons to use in Office Conflict

The game provides you with 3 main weapons including guns, grenades, and knives. Usually, your character will use a gun to deal with distant enemies. Sometimes, you can also use a knife to gently assassinate enemies while they are not paying attention. Grenades are used if too many enemies are moving towards you and you cannot shoot them all. However, stay far away when you use grenades. Besides, observe and avoid attacks from the enemy. If you let them catch, you will lose energy. You will die if the energy bar in the left corner of the screen is exhausted.