Papa's Freezeria

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Experience being a chef in Papa's Freezeria

Summer is the right time to welcome ice cream in Papa's Freezeria. Your mission is to make delicious and cool ice cream cups to serve to your customers.

One of the hottest cooking games is here. Manage your store by serving customers delicious ice cream cups with tempting toppings. Greet your customers at the order station. After waiting to jot down all the information about the ice cream cup, attach the sheet of paper to the hanger. Then, turn to areas such as build station, mix station, and top station. In the build station, you'll pour ice cream into a cup, choose a flavor, and add a topping. In the mix station, you will whip the ice cream that you have just prepared to bring to the top station. You need to choose the required toppings in the top station section. Besides, you need to try to pour skillfully by following the time bar above the missions. At the blue level, the process of the ice cream cup will be completed to perfection. At the outermost level, you will not be able to get the maximum number of coins. Try to get as many points as possible. You can get a high amount if you get a lot of points. After completing one day, you will be moved to the next day. Note that at the high levels, there are countless customers waiting for you.

Enchanting things in the store of Papa's Freezeria

Ingredients in the game

The game offers tons of ingredients like cups, mixes, syrups, blends, and toppings. In it, you need to choose the cup size for your cup. There are 6 syrup flavors including chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana, and more. Toppings in the top station section include macarons, cherries, bananas, mints, nuts, blueberries, and more. These flavors will change and unlock as you move on to the next days.

All customers

Every day, you will unlock tons of different customer characters. Each customer will have their own characteristics. You need to try to unlock them and bring in more new customers and income for you.