Pizza Clicker

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How to make a Pizza Clicker

Click to get many small pizzas

You can make a special pizza in Pizza Clicker. To complete a pizza, you need to click to get a large number of small pizzas and use them to add ingredients.

Your pizza needs to be perfected before it is delivered to the customer. However, to complete the large pizza, you need to click on it to get more small pizzas. You need to accumulate as many mini pizzas as possible. You will use them as an amount so you can buy other toppings for your pizza. You can also upgrade the number of small pizzas per click to get more small pizzas.

It is best if you click quickly. The amount of mini pizzas will increase significantly. It also helps you improve your speed. You need to try to reach the record in the game.

Add other toppings

After you have lots of mini pizzas, you can use them to buy other toppings and finish the pizza. There are many toppings available to you. These include Ketchup, Corn, Green Olive, Salami, Egg, Mozzarella, Tomato, Pepper, etc. Lots of other toppings are waiting for you to discover. The following toppings will require more small pizzas. You should add them to make your pizza more yummy.

However, when you add toppings, the number of small pizzas per second increases dramatically. The number of pizzas per click also increased. The more toppings you buy, the more mini pizzas you have per second.

Some upgrades in Pizza Clicker

You can upgrade your services to serve your customers better. They will bring you pleasant surprises. You also need to accumulate small pizzas to unlock them. Don't miss them if you want to get the most fantastic pizza. Mysterious Creatures, Bit of Sun, Pacman Pizza, Secret Ingredient, and Pizza Mine are some kinds of upgrades. Try your best to unlock all of them.