Plants vs Zombies

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Fight against the zombies in Plants vs Zombies

Plants Vs Zombies is a classic strategy game that everyone hears about once in their life. Creating your army of trees to fight the zombies is the biggest task.

No longer transforming into a cute ghost to chase people out of your house in Haunt The House, in this game you will have to chase zombies out of your territory. Like the motif of survival zombie movies, you transform into a farmer. One fine day, you wake up and find your house surrounded by zombies. This is worse when they are trying to sneak into your house and you can be transformed into them. So stop this before it's too late. Stop zombies by planting pots to set traps and shoot them down. Don't forget to collect the sun. To grow a tree, you need some sun. Collect them to plant a lot of trees and create a tree fence to prevent zombies from approaching your house. Some automatic cars are placed in front of the door. If you lose one, you lose points. The zombies will come more and more day by day. Therefore, you must always be ready to remove them.

After completing a level, you will unlock a new plant. You can continue to accompany the old plant and use the new plant in the next levels. Are you a fan of zombie movies? So you have enough courage and ability to be ready to confront the mighty zombie army in this game?

Ways to beat Plants Vs Zombies easily

Two factions in the game

First and foremost, factions are important if you want to beat this game. You can unlock countless plants in the game after passing a number of levels. Each plant will have different characteristics as well as different strengths such as shooting, creating suns, hypnosis, shooting overhead, and so on. Some plants will be able to maximize their abilities on the ground while others will be useful underwater, at night, etc. Some basic plants include Peashooter, Cherry Bombs, Sunflowers, Snow Peas, and more. Besides, the plant's opponent will be zombies. They are extremely numerous, powerful, and dangerous. Similar to plants, zombies will have their own abilities and strengths. Some can jump, run, fly, and so on. The more you play, the more new zombies you will discover like Flag Zombie, Newspaper Zombie, Dancing Zombie, or Digger Zombie. The first zombies are easy to deal with, but the later zombies will contain accompanying items such as newspapers, window frames, buckets, sticks, and so on. They must be stripped of these items to become normal zombies.

Modes of the game

The game includes 5 main modes, day, night, fog, pool, and roof. Each of these modes will have different plants and zombies. They will change to easily adapt to new terrain.