Rider 2

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Rider 2 is an exciting mountain bike driving game. You will experience and discover new powerful feelings. Try to compete with other players and win.

Join the journey to explore the terrain in Rider 2

Jump on your motorbike and start breathtaking stunts to accumulate countless coins. Make breathtaking jumps and compete with opponents to achieve the highest score. With your earnings, you can even buy your favorite motorbike and level up to become a master bike racer. Zoom into dazzling neon levels and dodge a series of dangerous obstacles. Exceed your limits to get the highest score in exciting races. You can execute mind-bending acrobatics as you traverse its boundless terrain! Initiate bike flips to amass an endless reserve of coins! Perform astonishing leaps while vying with your friends for the highest score. You can acquire your favorite motorcycle and become proficient in the art of the wheelie.

Conquer the endless world at your fingertips

You will explore an endless world with endless opportunities to perform stunts, collect points, and experience the thrill of overcoming obstacles. Try to avoid traps, obstacles, and dangerous pits that can lead to your defeat. The more points you earn, the better because they can be used to buy higher-end bikes or upgrade your existing ones, making it even better.