Rise Of Lava

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Navigating the Fiery Adventure

Rise Of Lava is a survival game where you will climb the highest platforms to escape a boiling lake of molten lava and accumulate green gems.

Dodge the Lava's Wrath

As the relentless tide of lava surges, quick thinking becomes imperative. Your mission? Ascend to the loftiest platforms, scaling new heights with each leap to outpace the encroaching molten peril. Beware, though, as some platforms are not anchored, they sway with your weight. To conquer these movable platforms, precision and patience are your allies. With the lava hot on your heels, swift and unyielding jumps are your lifeline. A moment's hesitation spells doom as a plunge into the fiery abyss awaits.

Treasure the Green Gems

Amidst the chaos, do not overlook the gathering of gleaming green gems strewn along your path. These emerald treasures hold great value, serving as currency in the shop to unlock new characters. As you leap, seize every opportunity to amass a bountiful collection of these gems. They are your ticket to expanding your character roster.

Two engaging game modes

  • 1P Mode: Embark on this perilous adventure solo, relying solely on your skills to overcome the rising lava and collect green gems.
  • 2P Mode: Share the excitement with a friend in this cooperative challenge. Compete against each other in a race to gather the most green gems. While friendly competition prevails, remember that a single misstep for either player spells the end of the game. Support each other to prolong your survival.