Slope Bike

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Slope Bike and a special race track

Some important things about rules

Driving in Slope Bike will be a fascinating challenge for you. Support your character to go as far as possible by overcoming obstacles and collecting money.

One of the most fun and addictive driving games is this one. In this game, you need to take your character to collect coins on the way and go as far as possible. However, the game will not be easy for you to achieve this goal. It will add to the obstacles on the road. If you don't get away from them quickly, you will fall down the track. Besides, the ledges on the road can help you accelerate and fly into the air if you pass. Try to keep your grip on the wheel even when the road becomes steep. At the end of the game, you can use the money you earn to buy boosters and continue to conquer the next stage.

Drive your bike

Desktop devices: Use the WASD keys and the ARROW keys to move to the left or right

Mobile devices: Tap and hold on the screen to play

Supporters and levels of Slope Bike

Players are provided with shields, magnets and double coins to serve as supporters on their way. You can use the shield to protect from dangerous obstacles if you hit it for the first time. The magnet can help you collect all the coins on the road in a short time while, with the x2 symbol, your coins will double after one play. This game does not provide players with any levels. You need to go as far as you can and the game will stop when you hit any obstacle on the road or fall off the road.