Star Fighter Fruits

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Relieve stress with slices of Star Fighter Fruits

Put your hands on the screen and get ready with the classic arcade game Star Fighter Fruits. Slash as many fruits as you can and avoid the bomb to survive.

This is one of the fun classic games that many people love. To start the game, you can choose one of 3 available modes that are classic, arcade, and relaxing. Each mode will have interesting gameplay and different requirements for you.

  • In classic mode, you need to cut a lot of fruit. This mode has no time, so you just have to try to get the highest score. In particular, you need to avoid the bombs. If you slash them, the bomb will explode and you have to stop the game immediately. Besides, you only have 3 lives. If you drop the fruit, you will lose your life. After 3 misses, you will lose.
  • Arcade mode gives you 2 minutes to complete. During this time, you have to try to earn the most points. You will not die or have to stop the game even if you slash at the bomb. However, with each time you hit a bomb, you will lose some points. This mode also brings some support fruits. They can help you get more fruit, neutralize bombs, or create beautiful colors. After the allotted time, your score will be summed up.
  • About relax mode, this mode is as the name implies. You just have to entertain yourself by sliding continuously on the screen to remove as many fruits as possible. You will have no time or goal for this mode.

The development history of Star Fighter Fruits

Although this is a classic game, it never stops being hot. This game was released in March 2023. It is one of the games developed based on Fruit Ninja which was released in 2010 by HalfBrick Studios. You can easily play these games on mobile devices as well as desktop devices.