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State.io is an exciting territory-versus-territory battle game! Engage in battles to gain control of lands and strive to become the ultimate global power.

Dive into the Territory War

In this game, you'll partake in a heart-pounding territorial conflict. Your mission is to expand your dominion by launching initial assaults on unclaimed lands. After securing these regions, you can then target the territories of other nations. However, exercise caution and assess the number of soldiers in the target region before initiating an attack. If your forces are outnumbered by your opponent, it's advisable to hold off. But if you have the numerical advantage, you can effortlessly conquer your adversary's territory. Victory in these battles will reward you with coins, and should you manage to conquer all the territories held by other players, you'll emerge victorious. Keep in mind that consistently winning 3 to 5 battles will grant you a gift box packed with delightful surprises. To increase your odds of success, invest your coins in upgrading your starting units and production speed. Additionally, don't overlook the importance of upgrading your offline earnings to accumulate extra coins when you're not actively playing.

Visit the State.io Shop

Within the confines of the shop, you have the opportunity to craft fresh appearances for your fighters. By default, your nation sports a blue color scheme, but if you wish to switch things up, you can purchase alternative colors from the shop. Naturally, coins are the currency of choice for obtaining new skins and colors, so it's essential to amass as many coins as you can on your journey.