Stickman Hook

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Drop yourself in the swing game Stickman Hook

How about game rules

Bringing your character in Stickman Hook to the finish line is the ultimate goal of the game. To get the goal, you need to cling to the hooks to swing through.

Stickman Hook is an online arcade game that you can enjoy in tired times. With simple swing mechanics and interesting graphics, this game is an undeniable attraction on the Haunt The House site. Your goal is to get the stickman to reach the endpoint. To go through the terrain and obstacles, you need to make use of fishing hooks or support items in the game such as spring mattresses, planks, slopes, and so on. Then align and pass from side to side to reach the endpoint.

After reaching the finish line, you will complete the level. There are various levels in the game to challenge you. Especially, you can unlock a special character if you pass a level. Then continue the game to conquer all remaining levels and unlock all the characters. What else do you hesitate to enter the game?

A few tips to help you beat the game effectively

  • Quickly click the next time to catch the second hook if you don't want to fall over the cliff. The initial levels are easy but you should not be subjective about stickman. He can easily fall if he doesn't catch the hook and swing over the obstacle in time. Therefore, aligning the direction and catching the hook quickly is better than waiting.
  • Second, you need to rely on support items or in-game terrain to pass the level easily. Sometimes, mattresses can help you fly further or get closer to your destination. The ramps can help you move on your own without the hook.
  • Besides, changing your character is also a good strategy. New characters may have better movements or stronger ropes.
  • Finally, it's funny to warn that you also need to be careful with support items. They can assist you and can also become obstacles to make your character kick out of the game. Normally, if you bounce on mattresses, your character will bounce in the opposite direction. Therefore, you need to think carefully to approach the finish line easily.

Levels as well as characters in Stickman Hook

As mentioned, the game gives you numerous levels. Your job is to swing and pass the endpoints to complete the levels. After completing a specific number of levels, your character will be changed. There are countless characters brought to the player. For example, after completing level 10 you will unlock the ninja stickman character. You can unlock the angel stickman character if you pass level 20 while unlocking the king stickman character at level 100.