Sticky Run

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The thrilling adventure in Sticky Run

Sticky Run is an interesting running game with a soot character. Run on two roads to dodge dangerous obstacles and get a large number of gems as a reward.

Soot is your main character in this game. It can move flexibly. It can both run on the ground or can also move easily on the ceiling. So it can conquer any track. In this game, your little soot character can also move on both surfaces. You will help it dodge deadly obstacles. They are trusses suspended from the ceiling. They can really cause your character to lose his life at any time. Also, at the bottom of the ground, there are a lot of spikes. If your character doesn't dodge them in time, the game is over.

To control your character to avoid obstacles, you need to use the mouse. You can click on either surface so the soot can change position. You need to react quickly to be able to run further. You also do not need to use many operations. It is said that the game is suitable for all. You can join or invite your friends to play together.

Some traits of Sticky Run

Exchange the characters

If you want to exchange new characters, you need to have enough gems. The gems will fly through the gaps. So you can only collect them when you control your character to change position. You can accumulate them to get more new characters. You also can miss them if you feel dangerous.

Run with high speed

You can only move the character's position. So you cannot directly control the speed of the soot character. Therefore, you need to practice to play the game more proficiently. Pay attention to the obstacles to dodge them. The character's running speed will gradually increase. Do you have any strategies to deal with this difficulty?