Subway Surfers Beijing

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Run away from the police in Subway Surfers Beijing journey

Basic rules

Subway Surfers Beijing is a 3D arcade game and one of the most fascinating parts of Subway Surfers. Control your character to collect coins and avoid obstacles.

If you're a big fan of the Subway Surfers series, you won't be able to miss this part. In this game, the boy continues to cause trouble on the road and must avoid the pursuit of the police. Therefore, you need to try to support him to overcome all the obstacles on the way to go as far as possible. He is running on an endless road with countless obstacles such as trains, cars, barriers, and so on. He will be stopped and arrested by the police if he hits any obstacle. The obstacles will be more and more unpredictable as he travels a long distance. Moreover, the more he walks, the faster his movement speed will be. You also need to collect the coins on the way to get a high score. You can use your money to buy booster items or unlock new characters in the shop.

Move your character

PC: Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Mobile devices: slide on the screen to play

Unlock and upgrade Subway Surfers Beijing

Like other parts, you can unlock various items like boost items and characters. In this version, you can unlock boost items like a jetpack, super sneakers, a coin magnet, and a 2x multiplier. You can move in the air with a jetpack. Run faster with super sneakers and collect more coins with a coin magnet, and 2x multiplier. Besides, the characters are also extremely cute and diverse such as Yutami, Fresh, Frank, Ninja, Tagbot, and so on. In addition, you can unlock many exciting boards or awards.