Super Bomb Bugs

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Dual Game Modes in Super Bomb Bugs

Super Bomb Bugs promises to bring an exciting gaming experience. Search for hidden treasures and engage in thrilling multiplayer battles with your friends.

Story Mode

This mode presents players with three tiers of difficulty: Normal, Hard, and Insane. Initially, only the Normal level is accessible, while the Hard and Insane levels remain locked, awaiting your triumph over the Normal challenges to grant access. Your mission in Story Mode revolves around recovering stolen treasures pilfered by the nefarious Evil Doers. These treasures include the Genesis Machine, Excalibur, the missing link, and a ray gun. You'll journey through four unique worlds: the Industrial World, the Dark World, the Ice World, and the Future World. Each world comprises five levels, and your objective in each level is to ascend to the highest platform and reach the golden flag. Along your path, collect as many gems as you can, but remain vigilant as various hazards, such as spike balls and icy bugs, pose imminent threats. Equip yourself with suits found along the way to enhance your abilities. Keep an eye out for red flags, which serve as checkpoints, ensuring your progress is securely saved.

Multiplayer Mode

Invite your friends to join you in the Multiplayer Mode, where you'll dive into action together across four captivating worlds. In this competitive mode, you and your friends will race to leap onto platforms and gather precious gems. The player who ascends the highest platform and amasses the most gems will emerge victorious, crowned as the ultimate champion. Prepare to give your all in friendly rivalry!


  • Utilize the WASD keys for movement.
  • Press SPACE to lob projectiles.
  • Deploy an M key to drop objects.

Two-Player Mode:

Player 1:

  • Employ the WASD keys for movement.
  • Press the C key to lob items.
  • Use the V key to drop objects.
  • Activate Player 2 by pressing the "2" key in Story Mode.

Player 2:

  • Navigate using the ARROW KEYS.
  • Press the comma key to lob projectiles.
  • Deploy the dot key to drop items.