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Overview of the game rules and maps in Venge.io

Action and shooting game Venge.io is an attraction that you cannot ignore. Control your character to get rid of all enemies with her weapons to earn coins.

A fierce battle between gunmen is going on and you have to try to survive in this arena. You need to control your character to fight dangerous enemies and pass the battle with ease. There are countless dangerous enemies in the game. You will start the game with 1 of 4 maps including Sierra, Tundra, Misle, and Temple.

  • In Sierra, this game has a similar gameplay to loot the flag. In this map, you must be in the green point to upgrade your abilities.
  • With Tundra, you will be lost in a cold area with snow and ice. You need to kill all the opponents in the game to increase your rank.
  • In Temple mode, you need to collect coins, especially black coins. Black coins are generated when you kill someone. Then you can collect them and move them to the temple.
  • In Misle mode, you are given an ability. You must move your character to the green points to unlock new abilities and protect yourself by destroying all opponents.

This is definitely one of the most attractive and engaging IO shooting games you have ever encountered.

Some important things to beat your opponents in Venge.io easily

Control buttons

Use the WASD keys to move

Press on the SPACEBAR key to jump

Tap on the H key to dance

To throw grenades use the F key

Use the B key to flip cards

Press on the 1 key to the 4 key to change weapons

Use the left mouse to shoot

Weapons equipped

You are provided with a variety of weapons such as a scar, snipper, shotgun, AK-47, LMG, dagger, and so on. Some weapons are provided to you while some you need to find to collect while fighting. Different weapons will have different uses. For example, shotguns will have low range, low ammo, and low damage. In contrast, the AK-47 will have high damage and long range. Therefore, you can easily destroy the target whether near or far.