Zoo Run

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Some facts about Zoo Run


Zoo Run delivers an exciting race. The goal of the game is to move forward by controlling your character to leap over as many dangerous objects as possible.

Welcome to the entertaining race. In this game, you will manage your animal square character and attempt to win a unique racetrack. You will encounter a different race course in this competition. It is suspended in the air by several tiles. They are fragile, though, as they might crumble at any moment. They will collapse as soon as your character passes. Therefore, you can only advance. In order to earn more points, you must run as far as you can. The quantity of points awarded will be equal to the distance you have covered.

You should also keep in mind that there are numerous obstacles on the track. They up the ante on the competition. You have to leap over them to avoid them. To enable jumping for your character, click the left mouse button. You risk losing your life if you step on sharp spikes or blocks. High-up, explosive barrels are also positioned to catch you when you jump. So, think of a clever plan to survive.

The last step is to gather mystery gift boxes. They might give you a new character or raise your score.

The guide

To be able to jump over obstacles or collect gold coins, press the left mouse button to jump higher. You should practice regularly to improve your reaction speed. Good luck.

The features of Zoo Run

The game's character is shaped like a square. You can select a character to play before the race even starts. Love animals come in a variety of varieties. To make the game more engaging, you can select them. Because of the presence of the new characters, you won't feel as bored. You can pick from a variety of characters, such as a turtle, rabbit, bear, elephant, monkey, chicken, etc